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"I ran into someone I know that hadn't seen me in a few months and she couldn't stop raving about my skin. I told her about your product."
Merrick, NY

"My prescription for a wrinkle cure is DermaLastyl-β."
"When I use it my skin firms noticeably and it reduces the appearance of age spots."
Barbara Perricone,
New York

"The Dermalastyl-β went on smoothly and feels great on the skin…I've noticed a difference already on my forehead"
Anne DiBattista,
Sedona, AZ

"I love this product......I will be ordering from you again......My skin is so clear and radiant.....Thank you"
Jill Jacobson,
Los Angeles, CA

"Just wanted to give you a real quick update. We are about 9 weeks of twice a day using Dermalastyl. Now i swear my skin is now even looking way plumper?? Is that possible?? Did you ever hear of this?? Its like the face is what it used to be years and years ago with the plumpness.Does elastin have something to do with the plumpness coming back?? Very very happy with this product!!! Any previews on any of your other products being made available? Also as far as how much product to use per treatment, I use just enough where i can feel the product over the entire face , jaw, and neck area. I dip my finger in the jar for the right side of face. then dip again for the left side. then dip the finger again for the forehead. then another dab for the jaw and below and a dip for the neck area. I also do my ears front and back!!! and of course use the eye product before the entire face.
Thanks again, Quinn"

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"My skin became smoother and just the look of it improved within weeks..."