Dermalastyl™ | The Science behind DermaLastyl™

The Science behind DermaLastyl™

Smoothness, elasticity, youthfulness

…our skin enjoys these desirable characteristics thanks to elastin, the protein that prevents wrinkles and keeps skin soft, smooth and flexible. Present in connective tissue, elastin – like elastic – permits many of the body’s tissues to reclaim their original shape after stretching and contracting.

To restore and maintain the healthy, youthful looking skin we all desire, DermaLastyl™ introduces an additional source of elastin. Created by skin cells, tropoelastin functions as the most natural form of human elastin, warding off wrinkles and the signs of aging.


When DermaLastyl™ reacts with the skin, tropoelastin moves freely within the structure of the skin, providing a synthesized source of elastin an elastin precursor from outside the body, called Elastatropin™. Elastatropin™ then moves inside the layers of skin, converts into elastin and integrates itself into the skin. By incorporating itself into the skin matrix, non-allergenic Elastatropin ™ successfully restores skin’s youthful look and feel, delivering smoothness and elasticity to all types of skin and other flexible organs such as the lungs and arteries.

As we age, the elastin in our bodies begins to break down, leaving us with an array of undesirable wrinkles, creases and lines. Because of this constant loss of elastin, regular application of DermaLastyl™ powerfully achieves desired results by building back the body’s elastin supply. This natural tropoelastin allows our bodies to regenerate elastin with ease, resulting in a convenient treatment for wrinkles.

Proven Effectiveness

Dermatology research and clinical trials support the effectiveness of DermaLastyl™, showing that Elastatropin™ (synthesized elastin) can penetrate skin and skin can absorb Elastatropin™, both within a 24 hour period. Clinical research maintains that DermaLastyl™’s active peptides and tropoelastin are absorbed, contribute to wrinkle reduction and produce favorable, observable results.

DermaLastyl™ provides a natural remedy for wrinkles without costly and time-consuming cosmetic surgery procedures, injections or resurfacing. A natural, simple-to-use skin cream eliminates the discomfort, downtime and risks typically involved with rejuvenation procedures, leaving one’s skin soft, supple and agelessly beautiful.

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