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In collaboration with dermatologists at Thomas Jefferson University, we studied the ability of our human tropoelastin to penetrate living human skin. The findings were remarkable!


  • Elastatropin™ can penetrate living skin within 24 hours.
  • When applied to the epidermis of human skin, absorption of the Elastatropin™ molecule occurred for 24 hours following application.
  • When skin was stained and studied under a microscope following application, tropoelastin could be seen penetrating into the epidermis.

The above results demonstrate that DermaLastyl-β™, containing Elastatropin™, is the most effective anti-wrinkle and anti-aging formula on the market today.

DermaLastyl-β™ also contains the same type of bioactive peptide products found in many popular brands which provides skin cell stimulation from these peptides. Even Kinerase®, which contains the plant hormone kinetin, does not supply the same caliber of wrinkle-reducing performance. Not only can DermaLastyl-β™ give your skin the additional elastin it needs in the most effective form, but it also stimulates new collagen synthesis with the proprietary peptides included in the formula. Clinical research further supports the positive effects of Elastatropin™.

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