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Collagen and Fat Injections

Two types of products administered by injection help to remedy the signs of aging – soft tissue filling agents, like injectable collagen, fat or hyaluronic acid, and Botox®-type treatments. A nerve agent, Botox® is injected to relax the muscle deep beneath facial lines and wrinkles.

Previously, wrinkles and lines on the face received injectable collagen from cows to hide depressions and visible signs of aging. Recently, human-derived injections like Plasmagel® and CosmoDerm® have joined the market, providing an alternative to cosmetic surgery and skin resurfacing.

Quite a simple procedure, collagen injection involves infusing the material through insertion of a fine needle just beneath the surface of a line or wrinkle. This procedure causes few side effects, though some concerns exist regarding allergic reactions and possible transmissible diseases associated with the products.

Similar to collagen, fat injections apply fat from one’s own body to disguise and rid the skin of wrinkles. Neither of these injections results in a permanent solution, with results sometimes lasting only a few weeks. Often these procedures must be repeated within a year to maintain the desirable effect.


Reducing wrinkles and lines may also be achieved through injection of hyaluronic acid, a natural component of connective tissues. Some hyaluronic acid has been extracted from rooster combs. This injectable filler can be found in products like Restylane® and Captique®, both of which have received FDA approval.

Much like collagen and fat injections, hyaluronic acid wrinkle treatments are not permanent solutions. The results commonly last between six and twelve months.

The second class of wrinkle-battling injections derived from a nerve agent that paralyzes nerves, leaving the underlying muscle relaxed, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles, lines and folds. Widely known and extremely popular, Botox® temporarily reduces wrinkles. FDA-approved only for use in glabellar - between the eyebrows – wrinkles, this cosmetic dermatology procedure has produced favorable results in many cases, both between the eye brows and on other parts of the face. For some people, Botox® carries side effects such as leaving the patient with an unnatural “stunned” look after the procedure. Furthermore, Botox®, a toxin, does not react well with some people. The effects of the procedure are fleeting, requiring patients to schedule additional treatments about every three months.

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