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DermaLastyl’s scientists have created a unique process to infuse a special formulation of our exclusive active ingredient, Elastatropin®, directly into the skin for maximum anti-aging results. The process, called Dermalastyl Infusion Therapy, is available only in spas and salons that are Certified Dermalastyl Infusion Centers.

Elastatropin is a large molecule that enters the outer skin slowly to work its magic on lines and wrinkles. Dermalastyl Infusion Therapy promotes faster penetration of the protein by eliminating inert skin cells, activating the remaining cells and loosening the bonds between them. In conjunction with licensed professionals we have created a set of procedures that will complement two new products that can be applied only by our certified professionals.

Our special Salon/Spa Dermalastyl and Chaperone products are designed to increase the speed and amount of tropolastin delivered to the skin through the infusion process.

  • The DermaLastyl-P Chaperone is applied after removal of inert cells and prepares the skin to receive the protein. It contains a unique combination of vasodilators to quicken blood flow, activators to make the skin more reactive, catalysts ease the metabolization of the protein and finally super-anti-oxidants to destroy any free radicals that would interfere with or damage the protein.
  • DermaLastyl-S Spa Formula contains 10 times the amount of Elastatropin™ as our regular products. Applied right after the Chaperone by our professionals the protein penetrates the outer skin layer then separates and collapses into nanospheres that are spread throughout the skin.

Each application of Dermalastyl Spa Formula used at its recommended dose contains the amount of elastin typically lost over a two year period. Dermalastyl Infusion Therapy can turn your skin’s aging clock back up to two years with each treatment.* We are recommending that the each treatment be separated by a minimum of 60 days to allow the Spa formula to be completely cross-linked into healthy new tissue.

For more information go visit a Certified DermaLastyl Infusion Centers in your area for complete skin evaluation and recommendations.

If you are a spa or salon professional and want to get certified as a Dermalastyl Infusion Therapy center please call 1 (800) 853–6861

*Individual results may vary.

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