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Elastatropin® (Tropoelastin) – is the most advanced skin care ingredient in the world. Tropoelastin was developed as part of a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) competition on wound healing and tissue regeneration to help treat battlefield injuries. Elastatropin?, the laboratory synthesized form of human tropoelastin, is the natural precursor of the human elastin in the skin. Elastatropin helps restore the natural elastin content in skin that is lost throughout the aging process, helping reduce the appearance and onset of wrinkles.


Tropoelastin’s natural composition allows it to move freely within the structure of the skin. Taking advantage of tropoelastin’s inherent ability to permeate the outer layer of skin, we have discovered a way to introduce a source of elastin from outside the body.

Using a complex chain of 600 amino acids in a patented molecular delivery system, our synthesized form of elastin Elastatropin™ restores elastic properties to the skin. A wrinkle insurance against declining skin quality, the amino acids are part of the ingredients. The amino acids enable the chain, and the Elastatropin™, to penetrate the deepest parts of the topmost layer of skin. It enters into the outer skin layers, moving into the first active layer, the epidermis, converting into elastin then integrating itself into the skin matrix cross-linking with existing elastin and other proteins. This process, shown in the drawing below, expands the flexible backbone of the skin effectively reducing the appearance of existing lines while preventing the onset of new wrinkles and diminishing the signs of aging.

Like a wall, the outermost layer of skin, called the stratum corneum, protects the body from foreign molecules, serving as a barrier, even to some skincare ingredients. The stratum corneum also prevents water from leaving the body through the skin. The next layer, the epidermis, constantly regenerates itself as new skin forms within the innermost layer, the dermis.

The discovery of Elastatropin™ and its effectiveness in fighting wrinkles introduces a comfortable, casual alternative to traditional age-defying procedures and ineffective creams and skincare products.

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