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Clinical Research

Observing use across the board and confirming lasting results among subjects helps to determine the successfulness of a product. Clinical trials show that the active peptides and tropoelastin in DermaLastyl-β™ possess the ability to:

  1. Be absorbed by the skin
  2. Participate in the biological processes that help prevent wrinkles
  3. Make an observable difference in appearance and facial rejuvenation when tested by volunteers

The results of these studies confirm the effectiveness of the active ingredients contained in DermaLastyl-β™, guaranteeing that the product will improve the condition of one’s skin when it comes to wrinkles, lines of aging, crows feet, scars and more. If you would like to see these results, please visit our Clinical and Laboratory Results section.

Comparatively, DermaLastyl-β™ presents a comfortable, affordable and effective alternative to cosmetic surgery, resurfacing and injection treatments.

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