Dermalastyl™ | DermaLastyl-βx Pro

DermaLastyl-βx Pro


2 mo. supply

Replaces lost elastin, professional strength.

Each and every jar of the new Dermalastyl-βx Pro formula contains five times the amount of tropoelastin as included in our current product. Furthermore, this formulation contains a sufficient amount of tropelastin to replace 6.8 times the amount of elastin lost during the period of use. In other words, one year of continuous pro formula use provides six times the amount of elastin lost over a typical five-year period.*

* Individual results may vary. Skin uptake may also vary on an individual basis.

We all want that younger looking skin that makes us look and feel great. Now it is more than possible with DermaLastyl-βx Pro face formula with extra elastatropin.

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"My skin became smoother and just the look of it improved within weeks..."